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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  March 28, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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dispatcher: gunpoint, 132 and bush. coverage code three.
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. we will tell you what the chp is doing about the driver. and an 8-year-old girl is back from a field trip, we will have a look at the arrow doctors removed from her leg. it is all ahead on the news news. . i definitely got some sprinkles. >> we have light rain, well inland from all the way to the coast right here to the ship, we will have a lost low clouds, some of it does not show up, mostly cloudy light rain, upper 60s and lower 70s, here is sal.
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we are looking at wet roads in many areas, that could affect the morning commute and it likely will. we have a little bit of rain, our morning commute is looking well in san francisco and traffic is moving well. let's go back to the desk. we begin in the east bay, a car hit a woman who was walking and tara moriarty is outside the convenience store where this all happened, tara? >> we are here in front of the market. >> reporter: the female driver backed up about 100 feet in this direction and if i show you, she hit a woman where this sort of debris is right here and we believe according to witnesses, she went out the exit here which is over here behind this gas station turning
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left eastbound on 167th treat. now the victim was rushed to the hospital, luckily she had non-life threatening injuries and she is expected to be okay. they are expected to see which direction she is headed and witnesses say she is between 15 and 30 years old. the driver is ready to come forward. >> honesty is the best policy, being ford and always trying to take care, that is the best approach. the longer you wait to take care of something, there could be more charges you could potentially facedown the road. >> the vehicle is described as a light blue four-door vehicle, between the ages of 15 and 30 if you have any information, you are urged to contact chp. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> also new this morning, vandalism and a high-speed
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chase through the south bay, we have exclusive video near the exit in san jose. around 10:00 last night santa clara sheriff's deputies sprayed avail way -- a railway and when sheriff's deputies approached them they took off in a honda. a check of the license plate revilled they were stolen. the pursuit went on i 85 and 101 and speeds reached 185 miles per hour. >> there were officers involved in the pursuit but it ended safely for everybody. >> the suspects pulled over and they found drug paraphernalia and spray paints. this is the third officers involved shooting this month. tara moriarty is on the road in
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the city's willow glenn neighborhood and investigators say a police officer shot and wounded a suspected car thief after she tried to run him over in a car. >> the officer felt in danger, he felt in fear for his life and again he did what he had to do and discharged his firearm. >> now police say the woman driver was shot at least once and is expected to survive, one police officer suffered minor injuries in the incident and it is not clear how he was hurt this was the third police shooting this month and coming up, we will she see how those three shootings are connected. we are learning new information about the shooting rampage this morning in tucson arizona that killed six people and wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords. coming up, the items the gunman had in his pocket to indicate he was planning on shooting even more people. it is a story you will see
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only on 2, a scary home alone incident involving a brave young boy in a suspected burglar in a san bruno home. >> 12-year-old tristan garcia said he spotted astrange man on his doorstep. the boy then immediately ran to call his mother's dad. after the boy ran to call his father's home, it led to an arrest. minutes later, there have been several incidents in reason months across san mateo county. >> we are told a lot of them are being seen, images are seen coming straight up to the doors of homes as possibly being lost trying to sell something... >> police have released a picture of the suspect in the home alone case. he is christopher norman of san
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bruins mean norman was carrying a gold high school ring belonging to that young boy's mother. we have an update on the story we told you about, we have a picture of the arrow that hit an 8-year-old girl in the leg and it happened during a class trip to the haul of science. these are pictures they posted and it shows the little girl, her arrow and the x-ray. police are still searching for the person who shot that arrow. time now 4:34 a compromise, upset about the noise and traffic a concert would bring during the summer's america's cup. they planned alive concert -- a live concert series on the pier after getting pushed from the people in the area, live nation announced some changes.
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the original 40 cons certificates have been -- concerts have been scaled down and they are coming down earlier than what was first proposed. and they are starting against the oakland a's. yesterday they unveiled some of the giant's fans they will see at the park this season and of course the trophies will be on display and there will also be plenty of events for the king of rock 'n' roll and they will host an elvis presley night in september. ken wayne will definitely be there for that. >> he certainly is. he has a big x on his calendar for that. >> i'm sure. good morning, let's take a look at what we have. traffic is doing well around the bay area, no major problems although it is raining, give yourself plenty of extra time.
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also the commute is looking good on 280 getting up to highway 17 and there are no major problems and the traffic looks pretty good. i want to mention, we have an update on the story we first brought you as breaking news, a seven-year-old girl is facing extensive surgery after she and her grandmother were hit by a garbage truck while moving onto the embarcadero. the driver did stop and is cooperating. light rain, light drizzle, extends coast bay inland and we will have measurable amounts and it is enhanced and moving over and we are under cloudy and mostly cloudy skies. there will be some sun breaks, very mild, temperatures in the mid-50s.
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it might even feel tropical and tomorrow we will have mid-70s and we are starting off really mild, even 51 in ukiah and 50s and 60s. here is the low and this is a very mild system, low clouds, high level clouds and this system will make it hereby suns day. mostly clouds, light rain in the morning and kind of a mix of sun and clouds. clouds roll in mild to warm with a southwest wind and sunday looks like the best opportunity taking us to monday. warm, muggy inland, temperatures 50s and of 0s -- 60s and santa rosa 64, too much cloud cover, gilroy 72 and san mateo 65. breezy warm on friday, mid-70s
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and it looks cloudy and showers on monday clearing out then pam. 4:38 is the time. around to same sex marriage, quote of the day comparing marriage and milk. worldwide internet delay, what happened when they were designed to keep spam at bay. it is wet out there for many people and we will tell you how it is going to affect the morning commute. [ female announcer ] the one for all.
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. for the first time in a
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week people are lining up, the government is limited to withdrawals to just $390 a day. government leaders are worried they will avoid payments to keep the country out the bankruptcy. several discussed reservation about the federal marriage act. in 1996 law, it defines marriage between one man and one woman to deny marriage to same-sex marriage. she had to deal with inheritance taxes because their marriage was not recognized by the federal government. >> and to the united states of america, this is overwhelming for me.
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>> doma defenders said congress created the law to avoid experimenting with same-sex marriage laws. some got a laugh saying his comments diminished same-sex marriage. >> there are two kinds of marriages the full marriage and skin milk marriage. >> and the supreme court is expected to have a ruling and california's proposition 8 in june. this is a story you will see only on 2. a bay area manhasset traveled -- man has travel toed from the bay area streets to a war zone and is now back home. navy lieutenant sanchez arrived at the airport, sanchez grew up in the foothills and he remembers trying to stay out of
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trouble by launching two start- up companies. that took him to wall street where 9/11 occurred and then he wanted to go into the military. >> my heartbreaks for the city. >> sanchez hopes to share his story with others and inspire others to stay out of trouble as well. they are indicating the shooting rampage that killed six people an injured congresswoman gabrielle giffords, he was tackled at the scene before he had a chance to reload. they handcuffed jared loughner suggesting he intended to do a lot more shooting. he pled guilty and plans to be in jail for the rest of his life. he is willing to plead guilty to avoid the death penalty. he is accused of killing many
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people in the theater and prosecutors will talk with the victims and their families before responding and the next hearing is set for monday. anybody who uses the internet will feel response times are slower than usual, that is because of a cyber attack, it publishes lists of e- mail spammers to block spam. hackers bomb boarded that site with denial of service messages to overwhelm computers and that led to worldwide delays. 4:45, the first bart trains are on the tracks but it caused massive delays during the evening commute. paramedics received a report of a man jumping in front of a train and it turned off systemwide delays. after hours of investigating, they called up
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the surge for investigating and deputies were stopping cars on 155th avenue just outside hoping to get some leads. the carjacking happened in hayward just after 8:00 and the suspects crashed the car on miramar avenue and foot hill boulevard and took off running. the suspects were armed with at least one assault weapon. sal is unfortunately talking about an salt on the peninsular. >> 101, pam, this is northbound, two vehicles involved a sedan and a big-rig on the shoulder, watch for slow traffic, southbound 101 there had been some debris and it's probably a bad area. the roads are wet and we have already some collisions out there that have been reported so please give yourself extra time with the wet weather. moving along with the westbound
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toll plaza, no major problems on the bridge and as we look at san jose, northbound 280 traffic still looks clear getting up to highway 17 no major problems and traffic is moving well all the way up into the valley. 4:47 let's go to steve. mostly cloudy, very mild and there has been some very light rain, our friend mr. drizzle as returned. occasionally it is definitely a light rain and intermitt and it -- intermittent, it is coming up from the southwest, mid-50s, oakland is in there and we have definitely opened up on the overnight low, 37 in tahoe, sacramento 54, a lot of 50s in monterey and we have a mild air mass, curtsey of another low, it has enhanced our cloud deck.
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it is also going to pump up the air and today mostly cloudy, light rain, drizzle if you want to call it that, it looks like a lot of clouds, our best bet looks to be on sunday, these things have a mind of their own, morning rain here today or drizzle. 50s, mainly 60s to lower 70s and there is too much mild air mass and it is slightly average to above, we will cloud it up on sat and we -- saturday and we will clear out on monday, pamela? >> thank you steven. crews broke ground for a sky scraper on the coast the 1070-foot building will have new office space, retail shops, and an estimated 27,000 parks. >> there is much more terminal
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on the hub. it is really the focal point of a comprehensive plan marking the new center of downtown. >> 11 transit systems will use that new hub and it will take about four years to complete. a bank robbery in milpitas, the same person could be responsible for crimes in five others cities. wal-mart looking to crowd delivery as a way to speed up online shoppers.
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. he has been charged with the valentine's day death of hits girlfriend. before he can leave south africa for arrays he must release his passport to the you court. he may return to running to earn money. the fatal shooting of a baby confirms is happened during a robbery. >> we all know what the victim has said that it was an attempt at robbery and yes, that is part of it. >> 13 month old antonio
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santiago was killed in his stroller a week ago. believe they tried to rob his mother but when she didn't have any money, 15-year-old dominic lang shot the baby. they cannot face the death penalty and one of the mothers is charged with trying to dispose of the gun in a pond. oakland police are looking into a shooting at a busy intersection. both shooting victims are expected to survive but police are now looking for witnesses as they try determine what led up to that gunfire. now 4:52 police are looking for links between a san jose man and several bang robberies -- bank robberies. he robbed the chase bank in milpitas earlier this month. they later arrested him in
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emoryville and they believe he may be responsible for robberies in palo alto, redwood city and fremont. the woman's work out company, lou, lou lemon said there should be no hassles returning some of their work out pants and women can return them for a full refund. a woman said she tried to return them but she had to ben over and proof they were too sheer. that was wrong and they will take returns. they are working out details that will give in store shoppers a discount to drop off packages and inn store shoppers will compete with same day delivery service and they still have some privacy issues to work out. and we have a woman in illinois
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for the win. instead of counting the calls i keep hitting redial, i chimed and gave about 50 calls in ten minutes. 72-year-old woman said she is an idle super fan and votes as many times as possible but she recently received a call from comcast saying her service will be terminated. since then comcast has apologized and she is happy her idle will not be disrupted. the latest finalist will be voted off the show and this week's results air at 8:00. getting closer to 5:00, sal is checking in on the commute, sal? that may cause some problems for this morning's commute and let's go and look at these pictures, northbound 101, still approaching the 880 split with no major problems.
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also if you are driving out to the bay bridge, this is a look at northbound 280 in san jose and that traffic is moving along dark that traffic is moving along well. southbound 101 and northbound 101 near burlingame, both sides of the freeway is affected and you may want to use 280 for the time-being. let's go to steve. understanding right in front of a low which will play into our weekend and we are starting to bring a lot of mid- level clouds and also a lot of local drizzle and i will show you that in a second. yesterday at 1:00 low clouds started to charge back in and i have been doing this for a couple of decades and that tells me it is coming in fast, and when you see clouds, that is assure sign of some drizzle -- a sure sign of some drizzle in the forecast, upper 50s and
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it is incredibly mild and warm over us and it is westerly to the north but it is turning more southeast which makes since off the coast and we will start to see more of a southerly direction and that will keep us on the mild side. some of that rain is in the cruz mountains -- santa cruz mountains and the santa cruz coastline and right around orinda and heading over to walnut creek lafayette and alamo and our low continues to send in a lot of cloud cover and we will be looking at mostly cloudy skies until the sunday timeframe and we will be looking at rain too, probably on sunday but there could be lighter stuff in advance of that. almost everybody says cloudy but there are some pockets of rain out there. 60s to lower 70s and we have a little bit of tropical feel and we could get some rain on sunday cooler


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